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Our mind is amazing! Sometimes it’s our biggest enemy when it comes to making lasting changes and achieving our goals.

  • How many times have you sabotaged your best-laid plans?
  • Have you ever told yourself that you're not in the right frame of mind to change?
  • Have you ever heard yourself say, “I hate exercise"?
  • Do you find yourself throwing in the towel when results don’t come quickly enough?
  • Do you revert back to old habits once you’ve achieved your target?
  • Do you struggle with weight loss motivation?

So what exactly is DROPiT21 MINDSET

I’m sure everyone can see themselves in one or more of the statements above. At DROPiT21 we believe in supporting you as a whole person: physically, nutritionally and psychologically. Whatever your wellbeing goals are - fitness, weight loss, personal development - we recognise that we all throw obstacles in our path, stopping us from unlocking our full potential.

Understanding how we think, feel and behave in relation to our wellbeing goals is critical to making lasting positive lifestyle changes. We all know what we’re meant to do, we all want results, but why is it so hard to implement these actions? Through years of experience we know that will power and determination can only take us so far. In order to truly change we need to firstly understand what we are doing, what thought patterns sit under those actions and what feelings are in play at the time. This might sound straightforward, but it really is not! The human mind is complex. And once we’ve figured some of that stuff out, we need to think about what we might do differently. And that’s where DROPiT21 Mindset comes in. We have collaborated with Jackie Longwell to design an online, self-directed learning programme – DROPiT21 Mindset.

How is it delivered?

Each module requires personal reflection – with old adage ‘the more you put in, the more you’ll get out’ certainly holding true

The aim is to increase personal awareness, offer new choices, break some old habits and create some new ones

The programme offers you the flexibility to watch the webinars when it suits you and to return to those you found particularly interesting or challenging

The programme consists of 6 bite-sized* Mindset Module webinars and accompanying workbooks.

Each module looks at an individual psychological topic from the wellbeing perspective

It is an on-line programme delivered directly to you via email

You will receive x 6 video presentations as part of the programme:

Parent Adult Child

This is an introduction to a key psychological model - how it can help us understand our current relationship with wellbeing and where some of our thoughts and behaviours might come from.


In this video we look at the importance of stories, your actual food story and how to write a new one


What they are, how they work, their impacts and an exploration of which ones might be your favourites


What it is, what may be behind it and how to identify primary emotions


This video is an exploration of what it is, why we have it, where it may come from and strategies for dealing with it.


What it is, who might be sabotaging you, triggers, behaviours and what can be done.

How does DROPiT21 MINDSET fit with the other DROPiT21 programmes?

DROPiT21 Mindset is a stand-alone programme. Completing DROPiT21 is not a prerequisite, however they are complimentary programmes and we believe that completing both offers the greatest opportunity to embed learning and create sustained behaviour change. Or if you have previously completed a DROPiT21 Programme, this Mindset module will really cement some of the positive changes you have already developed.

*Mindset is complex and this programme is not intended to replace one-to-one therapeutic work. Jackie is happy to talk to anyone that is looking for individual support.

Meet Jackie Longwell

Jackie Longwell - Mindset coachJackie is an experienced counsellor and coach, qualified in a school of psychology called Transactional Analysis (TA). Google it if you fancy finding out more. She works with a variety of clients in several organisations, as well as in her own private practice. Her clients present with a range of issues and Jackie offers both short- and long-term support in a confidential and safe environment. The DROPiT21 Mindset Programme brings together three of Jackie’s passions – wellbeing, psychology and learning. Some 10 years ago a personal health challenge led Jackie to explore her own relationship with wellbeing, and in particular the interconnectedness of the mind and body. This led to lots of self-reflection, further study, lots of personal changes and ultimately to her career in counselling. How we think, feel and behave directly impacts our body, and in turn our body directly affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Exploring this relationship holistically, in the way that DROPiT21 Mindset offers, provides opportunities for learning, increasing self-awareness and ultimately better overall wellbeing.

Jackie firmly believes that all people have resources, are capable of learning and can decide their own futures. In her work, the focus is on enabling people to reach their goals through increased self-understanding via exploration, the offering of new psychological maps and models and meaning making. Her professional background prior to counselling included 15+ years working in Human Resources for a number of large multinationals. It was always the people stuff that interested Jackie, never the business stuff… Jackie is a firm believer in self-care, in particular small daily acts of self-nurture. Her favourites including: long walks and short runs with her ever-friendly Lab; daily exercise, even if only 15 minutes of yoga; a flat white, just one a day - don’t tell Sandra; dipping into her extensive and eclectic library of podcasts – she listens to a whole host of subjects; listening to music; and reading one of the books in her towering pile of ‘must reads’. On a Friday she adds a G&T to the list.