Dropit 21 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I still do my own training / exercise whilst following the programme?

Yes absolutely and you will be encouraged to do so

I can’t exercise at the moment, will the programme still work for me?

The majority of the results from the programme come from the food / diet element. This alone is probably responsible for 80/85% of the results. Therefore the exercise / workout element is responsible for 15/20%, so if for personal or health reasons you cannot exercise please don’t let it stop you from signing up for the programme. You will still reap massive rewards and benefits from just following the food element alone.


Can I do the DROPiT21 Programme and still cook meals that the whole family can eat?

Yes most of the recipes in the booklets are family-friendly meals.

How will I make sure I don’t put all the weight back on at the end of the 21 days?

A “Way Forward” Manual will be supplied at the end of the programme and this will give you tools and tips of how to take on board what you have learned and move forward. There are also options of doing a Maintenance Month via Facebook or Email too.

Is the programme suitable for men as well as women?

Yes. Men have regularly participated in the Programme and have also had amazing results.

Why is the programme 21 days?

Did you know that your taste buds regenerate every 10-21 days? If we can cleanse your palate with “clean”, sugar-free foods for 21 days your new taste buds will not be craving those sweeter tasting, creamy and processed food. So your sweet cravings should subside.


Can I do the programme if I have Type 1 or 2 diabetes?

We have had a number of clients do the plan that have either type 1 or 2 diabetes and although we cannot, of course, cure these conditions, we have seen many cases of improvements in the underlying effects.

We must state though that there is NO single universal diabetes diet. It is important to always review how you are feeling and how your body has reacted to the dietary structure and therefore you would need to keep in close contact with the support team. However because people with diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar levels or they could suffer adverse health effects and complications this is not something we are able to do through support. This will need to be carried out as often as required in your case by your doctor.

It is essential PRIOR to signing up to the DROPiT21 Programme that it is discussed fully with your GP and that we have received written consent and authority confirming they are happy for you to undertake the programme.

I am pregnant / breastfeeding can I still do the programme?

It is not advisable to make fundamental changes to your diet whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, therefore we wouldn’t recommend signing up for the programme at this time.


Can I drink decaffeinated tea / coffee

Yes. Also all herbal, fruit and green teas are allowed too.

Do I need to count calories or keep an eye on meal portion sizes?

No, not at all. As long as the food is on the list and it is eaten at one of the 3 meal times then don’t worry about portion sizes. You should never be hungry!

I am Vegetarian / Pescatarian is the DROPiT21 Programme suitable for me?

Absolutely yes, there is a Recipe Booklet and Weekly Meal Plans provided for vegetarians and also there are plenty of fish alternatives too.

I’m a Vegan is the Programme suitable for me?

When it comes to vegans, unfortunately the fact that we use a lot of meat alternatives and eggs with the vegetarian plan makes it unsuitable as the protein sources that we can provide in the meals would be too limited.

What if I have a food allergy / intolerance can I still participate in the programme?

Allergies and intolerances are so common nowadays and we have had many clients go through the programme with these. We can cater for most allergies / intolerances! Although we would recommend you email Sandra@dropit21.com and ask advice specific to your food allergy / intolerance to find out whether the programme is suitable for you prior to signing up.