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What is DROPiT 21?

DROPiT21 is a structured 21-day weight loss plan geared towards people with busy home and work lives, but who want to make a positive change to live healthily.

NO calorie counting, NO pills, NO shakes or meal replacements and its not a quick fix faddy diet that is impossible to stick to.

Our mission statement is to “Educate, motivate and inspire people with realistic and sustainable healthy, active, lifestyles through Positive Change”.

If you are truly ready to make a positive lifestyle change then DROPiT21 is the programme for you.

Suitable for All
DROPiT21 is the programme delivered via email direct to your inbox.

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DROPiT21 is a completely online programme focusing on education and motivation based around clean eating, fitness and most importantly wellbeing. It is designed to be fully inclusive for both male and female of all shapes and sizes, of any age.

DROPiT21 is simply about getting back to basics in the approach to food and cooking, avoiding sugar and chemical-laiden processed, refined and packaged foods. It’s about eating real foods, as close to their natural form as possible.

  • Protein: ALL meat / fish, nuts and other unrefined protein sources
  • Vegetables / Fruit: Virtually ALL vegetables and limited fruit
  • Carbohydrate: Good quality (unrefined and natural sources)
  • Drink: Water, fruit, herbal and green teas.
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Everything that you will need can be purchased in a normal supermarket with options suitable for the whole family. All meals are not only tasty, but also quick and easy to prepare. Preparation usually no more than 10-15 minutes.

What you get

DROPiT21 offers the solution to make a lasting change in your lifestyle and general wellbeing. It will challenge your views on sugar and processed foods specifically and your relationship with food in general. You will beat your cravings and simply feel great. You will also receive a Way Forward manual to help you turn what you have learned into an ongoing, sustainable and manageable lifestyle.

Thousands of men and women have successfully completed the programme since it’s inception producing amazing results.

Increased energy and fitness levels

Increased energy and fitness levels

Significant weight loss (11Ibs average)*

Significant inch loss (11inches average)*

Better complexion

Better mood

Better sleep patterns

Improved brain function & concentration levels

Improved self-esteem and confidence

Break addictions to caffeine and sugar

Improve your general health

What people say

I’ve got a new lease of life thanks to DROPiT21

Glynis Kemp, New Zealand



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Find out more about the DROPiT21 Mindset Programme and how combining the programmes together will give you a unique learning experience and save money too.

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